SIX YEARS AGO, the eccentric DR. FAUST tried to open a PORTAL to ANOTHER DIMENSION. Instead, he accidentally summoned strange creatures to our world. Known as D-MONS, these little menaces have infested the city, and nobody really knows what to do about it.

TODAY, a brilliant inventor (also known as MOM) has moved to town to join DR. FAUST'S team. Her newest invention may be the final piece of the puzzle to understanding D-MONs.

You're just a KID, and you're looking forward to the release of a NEW GAME.

Welcome to GB CITY.


  • A complete miniature RPG with multiple endings: Complete your research on the D-MONs by exploring GB City.  Basic completion could take at least 2 or more hours! And who knows what you may have to complete to achieve to the TRUE ENDING.
  • Multiple Game Modes: Do you simply want an ADVENTURE, or are you looking for a CHALLENGE? If the standard gameplay of Project: D-MONs isn't risky enough for you, try the permadeath run.
  • A complete D-MON index to fill out: With 12 D-MON species and 5 color variations, that's a minimum of 60 creatures to collect in GB CITY. And that's not even counting maxing out stats or finding all the abilities.
  • A Party system: Manage up to 4 D-MONs at a time, and swap them on the fly.
  • A PC STORAGE System: Party full? Catching too many D-MONs? Store 'em on Marlowe's Server and access them later from any PC.
  • A simple but tricky battle system: Rocks-Paper-Scissors with a twist! D-MONS also have unique abilities, which could unexpectedly turn the tide.
  • Character Customization: Choose from 3 different character styles, and you can change your style to suit your mood during the game too! Plus, your player character is represented with unique 4 frame animations!
  • D-MON Fusion: Combine your creatures to try and form more powerful versions or different variations.
  • MYSTERY: Discover the secret of how D-MONs are multiplying in GB City, and you could find yourself having an interesting eggsperience.
  • Charming Retro art: GB CITY is rendered in a minimalist, "1 bit" style, but battles, menus and more feature plenty of animation.

(A) | Z, J  = Confirm
(B) | X, K = Cancel
[START]  | Enter = Open Menu
[SELECT] | Shift = Organize D-MONs (Party Screen Only)
[START]+(B) = Clear Game Data (Title Screen Only)

About the Project:
Project: D-MONS is a mini creature collecting RPG, built in GB STUDIO. This entire project was built over 10 days for the GB JAM (with the exception of music, which was sourced from community assets). This game is playable for FREE on itch or by downloading the ROM, but donations are very appreciated.


  • Game Design & Art: Dan Enders (Lazy Dev Games)
  • Music: Sourced from GB Studio community assets provided by Ember, Krumel, and AJ Booker
  • And a special shout out to my Playtesters!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(13 total ratings)
AuthorLazy Dev Games
GenreRole Playing
Tags1-bit, 2D, Game Boy, Game Boy ROM, GBJam, gb-studio, gbstudio, pokemon, weird


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wahooo, so good ! 
Have you got a gbs file project Please ? 

(1 edit)

Hey uh, how do you deposit a d-mon on a server? Also LOVE THE GAME BTW, it reminds me so much of pokemon 

If you have more than 1 D-MON, you should be able to deposit it at Marlowe's computer in the lab or Mom's computer.

how to heal mons

Sleep in your bed!

I flippin loved this game. Probably played it way longer than it was intended to be played. And will very likely play it again before long. Took a little figuring and exploring before I realized how to make monsters more powerful. Which, once I stumbled across it, really loved that it’s not the standard XP system. Incredibly robust “mini”game!

thank you!

U should update it where the creatures walk free along side u an when u use the demon to click on creatures it freezes

I really enjoyed this. Good work.


This is really good! I got wiped out pretty quickly but I’ll have to make another go at it soon!


This just looks professional. Good Job 


oooh this looks incredible! i love the 1-bit art with the splash of colour, and amazing job creating a full RPG on GB Studio! definitely going to finish this when I get the chance


Thanks! I'm considering this a "mini RPG". It's complete in that there is an overall goal that does take some time to complete, and there are secrets / different endings, but my other project KENSEI is a much bigger attempt at a full RPG. Now that this game jam entry is completed I'll get back to working on that!


even just being 2-3 hours long and having an ending at all is impressive! i’ll check out KENSEI too!


Impressive, feels like a huge world to have been built in 10 days. The postbox comment made me laugh and although I got wiped out in my first battle, I'll definitely be giving it another go!

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Getting the right style of humor without going overboard is definitely a challenge.