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Very cool! The rev meter in the bottom left was a really nice touch.

Only thing I'd suggest is it feels quite slow to start a new game despite the nice scrolling menus, waiting for it to move down to the music etc and if you're impatient like me you just want to get in and play. Not sure if it's possible to speed up the camera movement here?

Fun game, but the time it takes to restart/retry is a bit long and the sliding transitions in the car/stage selection is very slow.

hey! where is thank for me for art creator? ;)

You are credited in the game! After playing a round, art credits appear second in the lineup :)

got it! =)

Simple and fun! Great job :)

I love the graphics on this 

¿final version?

Yes, this is the final version, it will no longer be updated.

So, turns out, I lied! A few weeks ago I was bored and started to tinker. I'll be releasing a post soon that goes into more detail, but there may be more Joyride!


I had a lot of fun with this one. Great work! 😊

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Nice, would love to know how you did the text input and scrolling menus nice! Yes, that’s double nice!


Text input is just a background menu using triggers; when you're selecting a letter, you set a variable to a value that corresponds to its ASCII value, and then you can display ascii characters in text boxes using #variable#. Getting the text box to stay on the screen though requires an ejected engine and some mods.

Scrolling menus are just background menus that have the camera move smoothly to the next section of the screen - it's all one large scene!


Great, thanks for the insight! Camera move for scrolling menu! DOH of course! I thought there may be an ejected engine involved somewhere!


This is awesome! I actually had a similar idea when I first saw the option to make a top down shooter--like also a game where you're trying to outrun the cops, but you did it much better. I love the art style and the menus are really well done.


Fantastic work! I really appreciated the unlockables. Made me want to keep playing quite a few times. I was impressed by the vertical scrolling menu - can't work out how you managed to do that in GBStudio! The pixel art and music is really nice too. Well done! 


Really awesome! Only oddities/bugs I've noticed are that I unlocked the DMG pickup and when selecting it I was still in the cruiser, and pause mode makes all enemy cars/trees/pickups disappear. Actually fun to play, though! I enjoyed it thoroughly. :)

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Oh hmm, I'll double check that DMG Pickup glitch.

So, pulling back the curtain, the reason all the sprites disappear is because they're not actually sprites! Everything except the player and the cop are actually projectiles being shot at you from offscreen!

EDIT: Confirming the pickup glitch should be fixed!