Welcome to the Pokemon Battle Lab!

This is a demo of a battle system I'm working on for a Pokemon demake project. I was interested in learning GB Studio, and I've noticed a lot of people asking for Pokemon / RPG battle systems. Feel free to download this to use in your own fan game or just to mess around. The Battle System could easily be repurposed for non-Pokemon fan games, too!

//So what's in the game?

  • 64 different pokemon moves.
  • 4 Pokemon Powers (more to come)
  • 3 Playable Pokemon (see if you can figure out how to change them!)
  • 2 Pokemon encounters (1 random encounter, 1 NPC. Each can be re-battled!)
  • Plenty of NPCs to talk to, too!

//How to Play:

Explore the Battle Lab! Battle the Scientist! Chase off the rats. Talk to NPCs.

Z = A (Confirm)  / X = B (Cancel)
Enter = Start (brings up Menu in overworld)

This isn't exactly the same battle system as PKMN, so here's what you'll need to know:

A Pokemon has 4 moves:

  • An Attack Move, which focuses on dealing damage.
  • A Defense Move, which focuses on protecting the user or buffing stats.
  • A Status Move, which focuses on giving the enemy a status condition.
  • And a Pokemon Power, a unique ability just for that Pokemon!
  • You can also use items, check on your status, or analyze the enemy!

If you see a (B) icon, press B in time to get a chance for a bonus effect!

//What are the files?

  • A Web Version of the exported GB Studio game
  • A ROM version to play offline
  • The GB Studio project itself so you can check it out and build your own
  • Some notes I took on the project

//Notes on the Battle System
I've also uploaded some notes I've taken that go over my thoughts on the battle system. It covers why I chose to make it the way I did, what compromises I decided to make, and even has a few ideas for getting started on things I didn't implement, but think are possible!

//Final Thoughts!
Let me know what you think. I'll come back to update this every now and then as I make improvements, but from here on out I'll be working on the main game. If there's anyone else out there working on de-makes in GBstudio I'd love to get feedback or share ideas on how to handle battles. 

If you do decide to use this system in a game of your own, (pokemon or otherwise), I'd appreciate a shout out! And check back for other updates (I'll be posting my pixel art soon!).

Stay safe out there, and have fun!

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
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AuthorLazy Dev Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagsbattle-system, Demake, demo, Game Boy, gbstudio, JRPG, pocket-monsters, pokemon


Pokemon Battle Lab (ROM Version) 71 kB
Pokemon Battle Lab (GB Studio Project Files) 3 MB
Notes on the Battle System.txt 8 kB

Install instructions

Thanks for downloading the Pokemon Battle Lab! I hope you enjoy it!

Please leave some feedback or comments if you like the game, and if you have ideas on how to improve the system I'd love to hear them.

Feel free to use this system in your own Fan Game, or revamp it to not be about Pokemon at all. If you end up using it for you own game, I'd love a shout out.

Thanks! Stay safe!

Development log


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Love your work! This is filled with so much content, so cool! Love the jokes you've sneaked in. Thanks for making this and for releasing the project files. <3


Thanks! Glad you liked it; the combat system could definitely be improved and optimized with 3.0, but the project files should still be a good start for getting some ideas!

i figured out how to swap pokemon lol

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if modied to not have pokemon elements, could this be used for a commercial monster taming game? with credit to you, of course.

Absolutely, that's the intent!

However, I would recommend using this for inspiration more than using the actual game's battle engine, as this was my very first GB Sttudio project. With 3.0, some of the events used in this have been expanded on/improved or possibly deprecated, and since it was my first game it can simply be optimized better.

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the dialogue is you cant go outside its 2020!

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i love it

Pokemon is love! ❤️ Amazing! ❤️


I wont let me past the starting screen ive pressed everything on my keyboard and it still wont let me past the new game screen

Sometimes you need to actually click into the window to get it to recognize inputs.

Ok thx

damn this game is good 



what are the tos

Project files are free to download, and if you use the code for inspiration or anything, a shout out is nice but nothing required. Obviously if you keep it Pokemon based, can't sell it or anything.

can use it comerally if i drop the pokemon aspect

Yeah, if you're just using the scripts to work on a battle system go ahead. Throw a shout in the credits if you're feeling nice or donate to one of my other projects, but otherwise I put these project files and notes out there so that people could learn how to make battle systems!

However, if you're looking to drop the pokemon aspect and use in your own game, my other battle system project may be more useful!

These project files have better comments in the scripts that explain how I set everything up! Same "TOS" for that project: free to use & download for w/e, give me a shout out if you do!

saw this on the gb studio discord and had to play. this is better than my most games

You'll get there! This was my first project just to practice with GBstudio, and was made before Beta 2! There's so much more you can do with the engine now. 

If you have any questions hit me up on the discord and I'll help out!

well i'm still working on my game so it's in beta ;)

this game is actually pretty cool but can u make another one and it let's u to get out in the city plz with colors thx!! hope u see this!!

I’m glad you like it! I’ve taken a break from the Pokémon de-makes to work on my own original projects, but I had so much fun working on this that I do plan to come back to it eventually :)

A lot of the challenges with this game (and making it larger) were solved with the 2.0 beta so I’m letting that develop more to take advantage of the new features the next time I try to improve the battle system.

no no 

yes yes?

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Ayyy this is neat, played a few of the battle systems lately and this one's pretty noice. Especially with the battle animations and such. Great work yo.


Thanks! With the GB Studio 2.0 beta released, I've already thought of a few ways to make the system more streamlined and the animations more unique!


Aye, been waiting to finish off something Iv'e been working on for a while before jumping into the beta/2.0 juuust in case there's any compatibility issued but once that's done I'm keen haha. Whenever I give somethin' like this a go I start brimming with ideas too so lookin' forward to trying those out too.
Just realised what the style of this reminds me of too; Dragon Warrior Monsters. Which I used to play the hell out of haha.


not bad