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Really nice feel and mood to the game, I like that it's slower paced and dark fantasy, reminds me a little of Blades of Vengeance for the Mega Drive.

The name input works great bringing it back in a conversation.

I found jumps were a bit too unforgiving for me (I had to try a basic one after getting a collectable quite a few times before I could clear it), especially when on a small platform where you can't get momentum. I did really like that the first pit forgives a miss and shows you a new area though, that was a nice surprise.

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Thanks! Still workin on finding the right feel for physics; getting some good feedback in the discord, too.


Btw, jump physics have had a major overhaul in the newest version!

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That feels a lot more responsive to me. New Enemy AI is interesting, I felt hunted by the bats!

I love the style! Always a pleasure seeing "Classic-vanias" in GB Studio. The Input scene is a unique touch on the established templates too! I love that it's slow and methodical. Pixel art is awesome too.

Thanks! I wanted to show off some different takes on the name input, show off some alternatives to the normal approach. Definitely planning on keeping it a methodical platformer/action but still tweaking the physics to find that balance of QoL and “slow”. 

Definitely slower than my taste, but that's Authenticity for ya. Let me know if you need help with things! I am a self-proclaimed "Classic-vania" connoisseur after all. XD


Physics have had a major overhaul!

This is great. If I could winge a bit :) I found the jumping a tiny bit too hard and the monsters a tiny bit too easy. I think I get more frustrated at not getting where I want to than being monstered. But I am crap at Mario so perhaps thats my trauma! Congratulations though, this is great.


All good, this is still being actively worked on so the physics are very much a WIP. Trying to get a good balance of slow approaches and punishing jumps but also actually keep it fun, so they’ll be tweaked some.

Monsters will switch up and get a bit more varied as I add more levels, too!


New monsters were added and the old ones were tweaked, and jump physics have been completely redone!