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hi im trying to play in browser but it's not working?. Nothing happens when I press new game.

Seems to work for me still. Which buttons are you using?

Hi, It works now when I press Z to start. I use Z to select/jump and arrow keys/WASD to move.

¿final version?

Yes, this is the final version. I no longer work on gb games.

This was super fun to play. Thanks for making it!

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How dare you call yourself a Lazy Dev?! This is my new favorite GBstudio game!

Why thank you!

how did you make a boss larger than 16x16 pixels?

I use 4 actors! They each are controlled using their own “On Update” tabs with similar scripts. Just requires some testing to make sure they’re all following the same orders EXACTLY.

I wrote a little about it with some screenshots here:

Thanks, I thought I couldn't do it at GB Studio, I even tried to do one, now I can finally continue with my project!


Made a video


Thanks for sharing! This was fun and also really helpful to see how others play and the issues they run into!

  • Looks like spike head birds were still dying when you hit them on a jump from the right angle, but its double KO. I'll see if I can fix that.
  • You're right that Mask birds can't be shot, but its only supposed to be immune to eggs from the front. That one in the woods had some weird behavior.
  • Unfortunately some of the graphical bugs are just issues with  how GB Studio works with sprites, but when that emote bubble got caught on the screen, you can use Chirp to clear it (that's actually 1/2 the reason the chirp button exists!)
  • I liked the problem solving you used on the Boss, but maybe I'll make it more clear that you need to jump on it!
  • And finally, spoiler: You DO unlock something if you find all the ? items! Level 2's is really hidden, but if you get all 3 parts there is a secret minigame.

Happy you enjoyed the video and that it was helpful to you. Seems like all the bugs you listed are not too game breaking so they should be easier to fix. Would have been a pretty big problem if we somehow fell through the floor or became randomly invincible for no good reason. Good to know that even though it's a demo you still put an extra secret thing to get from the collectibles. Looking forward to seeing this demo expand into a bigger demo or a full game later.

this is pretty cool! cloudy cliffs has a nice tune

Why Z for for jumping it dont feel good y would be better

If you're using WASD Controls:
J = A
K = B

I hadn't actually considered WASD and never checked, I will update the page with that info on the next update!

So good!!!!

How did you get the flying down? 

Is it something that can be switched off in-between scenes or have you tweaked the engine, the flying could also be used as swimming!

Level design is top notch, the right amount of challenge that make you want to keep going, really impressed.


Hi!  Glad you liked it.

So flying is done through the Bounce Player event, and you are correct that it could be used for swimming! Back when 2.0 first released, I wasn't a fan of the B button being jump, but noticed there was no suitable event to replace jumping on A besides bounce. The issue with Bounce is that it isn't actually a jump - without using variables or timers, which end up being janky, you get Flappy Bird style controls. So I shelved it.

Until I realized you could just make the character a bird and make the flying jumps a mechanic, like how Kirby platforming has flight!

There's no engine ejecting required, but I did mess with the properties (available in Beta 5) to adjust gravity, movement velocity, and fall speed to make for a smoother experience.

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Owh I see...

I am new to GB studio, still learning, looking forward to the full game,

Works really well on the Game Boy


oh man! So hype - I can’t wait to play one of my games on real hardware!


It won't let me start, look at the credits, or choose options. Please help ;-;

hi! what are you playing on? mobile devices should have an onscreen gameboy controls. Playing in a browser should be Z to confirm choices.

Oh! Thank you for telling me!


Awesome! Massively well done! 👍


Lovely little character!


Love this game


good birb